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Enabling our Customers with a Real Time Data & Analytics Platform to Optimise Building Performance.

Featured Customers

“Our incubator has many companies and people who call the space home and may work late into the night and over the weekends. We wanted to monitor our energy use and whether people were turning the air-con or lights off at night when the space was empty. We chose Energetix™ as it provided us with the Real Time Energy Intelligence to help optimize our energy usage. It has an intuitive user interface that is simple to use and understand.”
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Dr. Frank Levinson
Managing Director
Small World Group

"Energetix™ helped us to understand and make sense of where, when and how our energy is being used. Energetix’s Budget Tracker is a very useful tool for us to easily monitor and manage our energy costs. Most importantly, we have managed to reduce our energy costs by about 8% since implementing Energetix.”
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Tan Wei Zhi
GP Solutions

“We chose Energetix™ as it could easily be implemented without requiring additional cabling or any business disruption, lowering our costs by about three to five times. Being a hospitality provider, it is paramount that our guests and operations are unaffected by any new technology implementations. Best of all, Energetix’s small hardware footprint aligns with our eco-sustainability philosophy.”
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Daniel Lim
Managing Director
The Racha Phuket