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Arc Reactor Program

The Internet of Things (IoT) is all about the power of connection, innovation and collaboration. It is fueling innovation and transforming the way we work, play and live. By connecting the “things” that were never connected before brings new data insights that translate into meaningful change for enterprises. However, no single technology provider can enable the IoT alone. Thus, delivering the full IoT value requires collaboration with other technology providers. Green Koncepts is at the heart of a vibrant IoT eco-system of technology players that are collaborating to accelerate the IoT innovation with access to ready data, Big Data tools and engines – enabling customers to solve their real world challenges with a choice of many ready to use Cloud Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications.

Our Arc Reactor Program is aimed at identifying suitable partners, providing you with the opportunity to expand or diversify into new market segments or to complement your existing offerings to your customers.

Creating more Possibilities through the IoT Partner Eco-System

The Arc Reactor Program brings together a collective set of technology expertise and capabilities required to create the IoT value chain.

Arc Reactor

Connect: At the core of the value chain is the KEMTM IoT Cloud Platform offered by Green Koncepts that seamlessly connects to the sensors, devices, systems that create data to Big Data tools and engines that provide visualisation, optimisation and predictive capabilities.

Innovate: Accelerate innovation with access to data, open APIs, connectivity, tools and engines to create ready-to-use applications that you can monetise through the Platform Store.

Collaborate: Collaborate with eco-system partners providing a range of offerings from sensors, connectivity, applications to services – to provide customers with complete end-to-end solutions.

Arc Reactor Eco-System Value Chain

Coming Together to Create Greater Business Value

Our Arc Reactor eco-system value chain partners comprises independent hardware vendors (IHVs), independent software vendors (ISVs), cloud infrastructure providers, system integrators (SIs), value added resellers (VARs) as well as providers of ultilties and telecommunication services amongst others coming together to create greater business value.





Independent Hardware Vendors (IHVs)

Independent Hardware Vendor partners offer any type of IoT sensors, devices, electrical or water meters or systems such as Building Management System, UPS, CRAC, ACMV that collect data for customers. IHV partners get their hardware qualified on the KEM Platform and listed on a central hardware listing for customers and eco-system partners to choose from.


Cloud Infra



Cloud Infrastructure Providers

Cloud Infrastructure Provider partners offer hardware and software components that support customers' cloud computing requirements such as compute, network and storage.





Research Institutions / Institutes of Higher Learning

Partners from Research Institutions or Institutes of Higher Learning can leverage on the access to ready data as well as Big Data tools and engines to test-bed their innovation and turn research technology into commercial opportunities.





Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)

Independent Software Vendor partners offer solutions related to IoT, Big Data Analytics, Visualisation & Optimisation to turn customers' critical data into business value. Get your solutions pre-integrated with Green Koncepts where customers can easily purchase off-the-shelf and start using instantly.





Go-to-Market Partners

Our Go-to-Market partners are technology service providers such as System Integrators (SIs), Value Added Resellers (VARs), utilities and telecommunication service providers that deploy, resell or complement their offerings with proven end-to-end solutions that includes access to a full suite of products and technology from eco-system partners. Go-to-Market partners can also co-innovate on the platform using open APIs to build extensions, mobuile apps and new innovations!

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