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Airkon Pratama
Established in 1997, Airkon Pratama is a total green solutions company offering one-stop building applications and engineering services for the property and industrial sector. Since inception, its business has grown rapidly and expanded to become a leading Integrated Property Engineering Service Provider.



KEN Logo



Kendali Energy Nusantara
PT. Kendali Energy Nusantara (KEN) is passionate about driving energy sustainability through “Smart Energy Efficiency” (SEE). As a leading energy sustainability company, KEN works closely with government agencies, state owned companies, private sector companies and building management in Indonesia to help them achieve Green Building targets through better energy management. With a unique “Pay as You Save” program, we enable you to unlock opportunities for real energy efficiency.



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PT. Puterako Into Buana
PT. Puterako is an IT-based System Integrator Company which is established in 1997. Our Company's specialties are IT Infrastructure, Surveillance System, and Energy Management System. Our Company also provides System Design, System Installation, and System Commissioning.