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Multiple Data Streams. One View.

Energetix is an award-winning cloud enterprise energy management solution suite that helps property developers, building owners, facility and energy managers aggregate and analyse data across disparate building systems – to make informed decisions that drive greater energy efficiency. Its powerful visualisation, advanced analytics, intelligent controls and flexible reporting tools help you identify underperforming facilities and processes, make changes, measure continuous performance improvements and meet all your reporting demands.

Get a complete picture of your utility, operational and infrastructure performance for all facilities and buildings across your portfolio - on a single centralised dashboard. Developed on our open and interoperable KEM Platform, Energetix is completely vendor-agnostic, connecting to any sensors, meters, controllers, building management systems & other equipment. It integrates and aggregates unlimited data streams - turning massive data into valuable actionable insights for optimum asset performance and sustained savings.



Simplify energy management, your way 

Get the right combination of hardware, software and measurement expertise to address your specific needs.
Pay just for what you need with full flexibility to expand your solution only when you need it.


Smart Building Energy Management


Utility and sensor network monitoring and management for your buildings


Smart Lighting Management


Wireless remote monitoring and intelligent controls for your lighting systems


smart data centres


Capacity, efficiency and performance monitoring for power, cooling and service levels

Explore integrated building management with Energetix


 Explore intelligent lighting management with Energetix


 Explore data centre infrastructure management with Energetix



Your Urban Operating System

Simplify and unify energy management for all your connected buildings.
Get anywhere, anytime access to real-time data streams on a single dashboard, from any web browser.


manage Manage
With powerful visualisation and advanced analytics, Energetix helps you discover meaningful patterns and relationships between discrete data points in your facility management. Simplify facility planning, set budgets, and benchmark your performance as you continually improve. Automate evaluation of facilities, equipment and resources against regulatory and planned performance indices. Share valuable insights with your team and generate tailored reports. If there is an issue or abnormality, customised alerts lets your team react immediately.

Energetix is built on our open and interoperable KEM Platform that securely connects to all sensors, meters, devices and equipment from any vendor and brand. Our interoperability ensures greater flexibility, disrupts vendor lock-in, and supports future requirements - lowering risks and costs for you.

scale Scale
Designed for rapid and non-disruptive deployment in both new and existing facilities, we provide you the flexibility to scale from a single site to multiple sites across geographical regions, whenever needed. Built for the cloud, you can also scale to securely support thousands of sensors, meters and devices with ease, free from constraints of local servers.


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Have an existing BMS/BAS?

We go above what a typical Building Management System can do for you. Energetix provides a streamlined vendor-agnostic platform that allows you to seamlessly aggregate data from disparate incumbent building systems, enabling facility-wide insights and centralised control for better building performance. We help you evolve your energy management objectives beyond basic monitoring of individual systems to focus on the business goals of your facilities by providing key values such as risk reduction, operational efficiency, and most importantly, greater operational savings.


Traditional Building Systems


Energetix BEMS

  • Siloed Data: Data resides in disparate and multiple building systems - requiring effort for manual data consolidation

  • Single Site Management: Single site location support without ability to manage across multiple locations on one building

  • Local Servers: Resources required to maintain and upgrade on-site servers

  • Data Availability: Data access restricted to facility specialists with limited insights to overall building performance

  • Legacy Systems: Limited support for legacy building systems

  • Locked-in: Replacement of controllers/devices locked in to specific vendor provider.

  • Holistic: Integrated view of energy resources (electrical, water, gas etc) on one platform.

  • Centralised Management: Geospatial view & drill downs into each building, and floor plans across single site or multiple locations.

  • Cloud: No local servers required.

  • 24x7x365: Access real time data – anytime, anywhere.

  • Non-Disruptive: Fast and innovative deployment methods mitigate expensive cabling requirements and minimises operational disruption.

  • Scalable: Scale solution from single site to multiple sites across geographical regions.

  • Open & Interoperable: Integrate any existing building system, any brand /type of meters/sensors and devices.


“Energetix has provided us with real time energy intelligence presented in powerful yet easy to understand graphs and charts. It has helped us to manage The Racha’s energy demand”

Daniel Lim
Managing Director
The Racha Phuket



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