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Fast Track to Big Data Analytics & Optimisation for Optimum Building Performance.

Energetix Apps Store is the first ever energy and IoT-related apps store for the built environment. Choose from a choice of pre-integrated Big Data tools and apps to fast track to Big Data Analytics & Optimisation for more efficiently-run buildings.

Connect data from any sensor, device, meter and building system through the KEM Platform, which in turn connects the real-time data over the cloud to the Big Data tools and apps on the Energetix Apps Store. Turn your critical data into business value by simply subscribing to any of the ready-to-use Cloud Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications – without the need for any additional costly or complex systems integration.

The Energetix Apps Store provides a choice of powerful applications that perform Predictive Maintenance, Anomaly Detection, Data Visualisation and Chiller Plant Optimisation – to drive cost-savings, operational efficiency and productivity for building operations.


Energetix™ Apps Store Listings

Discover powerful & exciting Big Data tools and apps on the Energetix Apps Store from ISV partners such as SAS, Fujitsu, IBM and Hitachi.


Data Visualisation


SAS Visual Analytics

Get the Power to Know® on the go. This is visual data exploration at its best. Get pertinent answers from any size-data. Smart data exploration makes it clear. Interactive reporting makes it collaborative. Self-service analytics makes it usable by anyone. And scalability and governance make it the perfect fit. SAS is a Leader in The Forrester Wave: Agile Business Intelligence Platforms, Q3 2015.

ibm cognos

IBM Cognos Analytics

IBM® Cognos Analytics offers smarter, self-service business intelligence capabilities so you can quickly and confidently identify and act on insight. The engaging experience empowers business users to create and/or personalise dashboards and reports on their own - while providing IT with a proven and scalable solution that is available on premises or in the cloud.


IBM Watson Analytics

IBM® Watson Analytics is a smart data analysis and visualisation service you can use to quickly discover patterns and meaning in your data - all on your own. With guided data discovery, automated predictive analytics and cognitive capabilities such as natural language diagloge, you can interact with data conversationally to get answers you understand. Whether you need to quickly spot a trend or you have a team that needs to visualise report data in a dashboard, Watson Analytics has you covered.


Chiller Plant Optimisation


Hitachi Energy Saving Navigator

Energy Saving Navigator is Hitachi's new solution to Energy Optimisation in Southeast Asia. With its proprietary analytics engine which predicts time-based demand building off user-specific data, the system recommends optimised parameters for controlling your chiller plant, balancing both energy saving outcome and the comfort level of building occupants. The optimal values and their expected savings can be visualised at a glance through Green Koncepts' platform, as the energy-saving outcome is integrated as a module on the dashboard.


Energetix Ultra

Energetix Ultra is a powerful optimisation engine designed for M&E systems such as Chilled Water Plants and ACMV equipment. Energetix Ultra utilises sophisticated statistical modelling techniques using mult variable inputs and incorporates powerful machine learning algorithms to help you find the best operating setpoints for your Chilled Water and ACMV equipment. These recommendations can be directly pushed through the KEM Platform to create smart dynamic setpoints. The result is ultra low energy consumption with ideal occupant comfort and indoor air quality.


Predictive Maintenace


Energetix Foresight

Energetix Foresight is a Predictive Maintenance Module that takes in multi variable inputs and incorporates sophisticated machine learning algorithms to accurately predict maintenance events for critical operating equipment. This extends the useful lifespan of equipment while ensuring maximum operating efficiency at all times to minimise energy consumption and avoid costly and unpredictiable equipment breakdowns.


Anomaly Detection

Fujitsu weblogo169x105

Fujitsu ODMA

Harnessing Big Data and proven machine learning techniques, Fujitsu ODMA helps businesses to avoid sudden faults or abnormal outages by identifying anomalies across thousands of parameters in real-time and with high accuracy. As a completely integrated solution, it provides all the software capabilities you need to ingest, cleanse, store, analyse, learn and detect anomalies. It is also Cloud-ready, enabling you to deploy it cost-efficiently either on-premise, in third-party public clouds or in the Fujitsu Cloud IaaS Trusted Public S5.


Public Dashboards


Energetix Dashboard

Energetix Building Dashboard is a web and mobile ready app that ranks all your buildings, data centres, chiller plants and tenants according to a set of pre-determined benchmarks. The app provides peer-to-peer comparisons of each building, data centre or tenant and gives senior management quick and simple access to the entire portfolio of assets under management. This app is invaluable for municipalities and authorities managing large scale Smart City deployments.


Developer Tools


Energetix Data Lake

Energetix Data Lake is a petabyte scale data repository which allows developers to develop apps using a standard set of Open APIs. These apps can then be listed on the Energetix Apps Store. Here you will find the Data Dictionary and Data Schemas as well as a Sandbox environment where you can access a sample dataset for development purposes.


Co-Innovate with Us!

With access to ready data and open APIs, we welcome all partners, customers, developers, research institutions to create industry relevant apps and monetise them on the Energetix Apps Store. Find out more about our Arc Reactor Partner Program!


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