Energetix BEMS
Operate your facilities at optimal efficiency.

Energetix BEMS is an integrated building energy management system that helps measure, monitor and manage your building performance and empower stakeholders to drive energy smart behaviour. Whether it’s just simply managing resources and systems like power, water, gas or chiller plant or VRV systems, Energetix BEMS has just the solution for you.

Integrate any new and existing devices through our open and interoperable platform. Pay just for what you need with full flexibility to expand your solution only when you need it. Scale from a single site to multiple sites across geographical regions, whenever needed, over the cloud.


Comprehensive Solution to Optimise Energy Efficiency

Streamline electricity, water, gas, chiller, equipment performance and environmental sensor data on a single cloud web
application for a complete picture of your building performance.




Increase Visibility & Collaboration

Our BEMS solution promotes engagement and empowers collaboration across your organisation so energy consumption and cost information from site to device level is easily shareable, facilitating operational improvements that lead to lower operating costs.


Improve Building Performance with Predictive Analytics

Our BEMS solution offers advanced predictive analytics with machine learning capabilities that automatically learns and models the building’s characteristics such as usage patterns, occupancy, weather and energy tariffs, to optimise systems efficiency for better building performance and occupant comfort.


Energetix BEMS provides:

  • Comprehensive building information on a single cloud-based web application
  • Powerful visualisation of accurate real-time utility and facility performance
  • Advanced analytics to compare cost and performance across sites and devices
  • Central remote management from a single dashboard on any device browser
  • Ongoing measurement & verification to quickly understand ROI on efficiency projects
  • Real Time Alerts & Notifications to instantly detect faults, and monitor device status
  • Transparent stakeholder engagement through public displays with simple actionable insights
  • Powerful reporting engine lets you instantly generate, automate and schedule sharing of sustainability energy and financial reports
  • Automated tenant management to improve service levels and automate utility billing


Key Features:

icons 01  Power, Water & Gas Management      icons 02  Status Monitoring – Real Time Alerts
icons 03  ACMV Management (Chiller Plant | VRV)      icons 04  Green Mark, Reporting & Billing
icons 05  Tenant Management      icons 06  Intelligent Fault Management
icons 07  Lighting Management      icons 08  Condition Monitoring
icons 09  Dashboards & Public Displays      icons 10  Intelligent Controls


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Get the energy intelligence you need to stay ahead.





Our open and interoperable platform ensures greater flexibility, disrupts vendor lock-in, and supports
future requirements - lowering risks and costs for you.


Open and interoperable
Connect to all sensors, meters, devices and building systems from any vendor and brand, through secure open standard protocols.


Smart-grid ready
Prepare for smart nation infrastructure with built-in support for ToU Pricing and Demand Response anagement.


Invest for the long term and disrupt vendor lock-in, with our open platform designed to support future requirements.


Continuous updates and support
Enjoy free dedicated updates as we continuously upgrade features to ensure usability and functionality that supports your evolving industry.


Have an existing BMS/BAS? Find out how Energetix™ helps you get more out of your existing systems  




Scale from a single site to multiple sites across geographical regions, whenever needed, over the cloud.
Pay just for what you need with full flexibility to expand your solution only when you need it.


Rapid non-disruptive deployment
Expedite deployment time for existing and new facilities without re-wiring, business disruption and expensive retrofits.


Robust reliability
Securely support thousands of sensors, meters and devices without compromising the speed and economics of the cloud.


Easy roll out
Grow agile with the flexibility to scale at a very granular level and seamlessly collaborate on pilot projects - with no software installation, no local servers, no wiring, no on-going maintenance.


Runs where you need it
Deploy using a hybrid cloud strategy to suit the context of your operations with Energetix’s flexible architecture optimised for reliability and security in both public and private cloud environments.



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