Open, Interoperable Platform for the Internet of Things (IoT).
One Smart Connected Platform. Connecting everything easily.

KEM™ Platform

A flexible, open and interoperable cloud platform that provides seamless connectivity to thousands of devices, sensor networks, smart metering, running on open protocol.

Stream real time data from any device, sensor or meter or integrate with any third-party system - onto the cloud.

Reduce time to market with rapid integration and deployment. Co-innovate and accelerate application development with an open API framework. Choose your desired cloud apps from established third-party ISVs in areas like data analytics, data visualisation, UI navigation and more.



Connected Devices. Smart Data Sensemaking.

Connected Devices Smart Data Sensemaking

Built for the Internet of Things (IoT), the agile KEM Platform lets you seamlessly connect any device, rapidly develop applications
and easily manage your data. Create amazing smart applications for clever data sensemaking with the KEM Platform.


Connect Any Device Collect Real Time Data Manage Devices  Data Co-Innovate  Build Powerful Apps

Connect Any Device
Connect any device through
simple plug n play and start
building your apps

Collect Real Time Data
Collect all data streams on
one centralised platform

Manage Devices & Data
Manage all connected
devices and data streams

Co-Innovate & Build
Powerful Apps.
Build smart powerful
applications using our KEM
APIs for co-innovation and
rapid deployment.



Co-Innovation Platform with Open API Framework

Our KEM Platform provides a co-innovation platform with an open API framework that enables the creation of a repository of established partner cloud solutions. Choose your desired cloud apps from established third-party ISVs in areas like data analytics, data visualisation, UI navigation and more.


Use Cases

Smart Cities Smart Buildings Smart Utilities Smart Offices
Smart Cities Smart Buildings Smart Utilities Smart Offices


Smart Healthcare Smart Retail Smart Logistics smart homes
Smart Healthcare Smart Retail Smart Logistics Smart Homes


smart data centres smart industrial    
Smart Data Centres Smart Industrial    



ONE Connected Platform. Unlimited Real Time Data Streams.


Built to be completely vendor-agnostic and running on open protocol, the flexible KEM Platform connects to any device, any sensor, any meter, any third-party system - from any brand, allowing real time data streaming and rapid scale up as and when you need.


Support Millions of connected devices


any device

Any device


any sensor

Any sensor


any meter

Any meter


any third party sistem

Any third-party system




>30 supported resource and sensor types

Partial List of Resource/Sensor Types Supported 

electrical water gas solar lux vibration
Electrical Water Gas Solar Lux Vibration
temperature humidity co2 co motion flow rate
Temperature Humidity CO2 CO Motion Flow Rate



Partial List of Brands/Third-Party Systems Supported

siemens trane honeywell  kaer   daikin
dent instruments kam socomec  phidgets  gentos
johnson controls Contrec emerson  GE   huabang




Built to Scale. Scale Rapidly. Cost-Effectively.

Built to Scale Scale Rapidly Cost-Effectively

Built for the cloud, the flexible KEM Platform lets you scale rapidly and securely to support thousands of sensors, meters and devices with ease, free from constraints of local servers. Let your projects grow and multiply your devices, at your pace, whenever you need.



Supported Protocols

bac net modbus zigbee  zwave 
opc foundation lon works enocean   


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